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Arctic Dialogue 2014 Conference Report

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18-20 March 2014

“Arctic in a Global perspective – Resources”, Bodø, Norway

The 8th annual Arctic Dialogue Conference hosted in Bodø, Norway by the High North Center for Business and Governance at Bodø Graduate School of Business (HHB), University of Nordland (UiN), in cooperation with the International Institute of Energy Politics and Diplomacy (MIEP) at MGIMO University in Moscow, Russia, and other sponsors and supporters, had 250-280 participants.

During previous conferences, the Arctic Dialogue has extensively examined issues related to community relations and dialogue, co-existence, energy and environmental security, economic impact, legal issues and comparative regulatory regimes in the Arctic as related to industrial/oil and gas development. The spring 2014 Arctic Dialogue focused on the Arctic region in a global perspective – enhancing global stakeholders’ understanding of resource development in the High North. The conference agenda considered the Arctic exploitation issues from political and social perspectives of particular countries and international institutions. Various dimensions of the challenges and opportunities of Arctic resources’ explorations were addressed: Climate change and the ecosystem threats, risk management issues, and Arctic shipping and logistics affairs. The current projects and complexities of oil and gas industry in Arctic region were a part of the program too.

All together, these insights provide a platform for dialogue between various stakeholders based on research and knowledge, international agreements and securing of sustainable development in the Arctic.

The presentations and lectures from the Arctic Dialogue conference made the foundation of the international Master and PhD courses that took place at the premises of the University of Nordland during the week 17-21 March 2014. Most of the students at the Master course “Arctic Dialogue 2014” are the graduate students from both the Master of Science in Sustainable Management and Master of Science in Energy Management programs, joint programs between the Bodø Graduate School of Business, MGIMO University in Moscow, Russia and other Russian and Ukrainian Universities. In addition, the course was promoted at other universities and attracted external students from USA, Europe and Russia, 121 students in total.


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