“Arctic Study Tour” May 2008 in Bodø, Tromsø and Hammerfest, Norway
Similar to the first seminar in the series, this Study Tour brought many of the original participants/stakeholders from Alaska and Louisiana to meet with their Norwegian counterparts and discuss the challenges of co-existence between energy and fisheries.

October 2008 & May 2009
“Arctic Dialogue and Study Tour”  
The October 2008 and May 2009 Arctic Dialogue and Study Tours focused in more detail on issues such as oil spill prevention and response, as well as issues associated with the seismic imaging process and comparison of environmental regulations of Canada, the U.S. and Norway. Other goals achieved include:

Examination of best practice studies on fishing and oil and natural gas industries that can be used by different groups interested in coexistence

Research and development of economic data outlining the primary and secondary (and tertiary) economic impacts of oil and gas development on northern Norway with a focus on the Snøhvit LNG plant.