Diane Hirsberg standig to the left of Anu Fredrikson, holding the High North Hero Diploma

The winner of the High North Hero 2023 Award is Diane Hirshberg, Professor of Education Policy, and Director for the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at University of Alaska Anchorage.

Every year, the High North Centre at the Norwegian School of Business and Management, Nord University, awards the High North Hero award to a person or organization that contributes to development and growth in the Arctic.

The sixth High North Hero is heavily engaged in research, education, and social and societal development in the Arctic through international cooperation.

Enthusiasm and engagement for international collaboration have characterized the High North Hero from the early days of the career, often focussing on challenges educators and students face in the Arctic. The 2023 High North Hero has been, and continue to be, a promoter for sharing ideas, knowledge, and competences.

The High North Hero’s contributions to education polices, Indigenous education, circumpolar education issues, and the role of education in the work for sustainable development have strengthened Arctic related research about knowledge creation and increased awareness about the importance of this research far beyond the Arctic.

Visionary in seeing possibilities before others and in advocating for the region our 2023 High North Hero has played an important role in developing University of the Arctic as an institution and platform for cooperation in the High North.

Our High North Hero is an inspiration for academics, analysts, policy makers and students who possess love and passion for the Arctic.

This year’s High North Hero receives the prize for her contributions to strengthening Arctic education, research, and building strong international cooperation within the Arctic.

Congratulations, Diane Hirshberg!