Transportation/High North Dialogue week

After arriving at Bodø Airport, you can take the bus or a taxi to your hotel in the city (5 min) or to the university (15 min). Bodø airport is also known for being located close to the city, and you can therefore literally “go-to-gate” from your hotel. If you choose to walk, it might take about 15-20 minutes.

There is a bus stop and taxi station right outside the main entrance of the airport.


Bodø/Nordland taxi call center 07550.

You can also send a text message to order a taxi – send the word TAXI to 2233.

You can download the app TaxiFix.

If you are calling from outside of Norway, the number is +4722388309.

Costs around 300-400 NOK from the airport to the University and around 150-200 NOK from the airport to the city center.

Nordland state buses.

The schedule of buses could be checked here: 

Bus transfers

Bodø center-Nord University-Bodø center

Two pickup-points in Bodø center:

  • Scandic Havet hotel, Tollbugata 5.
  • Bodø hostel (Bodø vandrehjem), Sjøgata 57.




Bodø Hostel 16.04 08:00 Universitet
Scandic Hotel 16.04 08:00 Universitet
Scandic Havet 17.04 08.30 Universitet
Scandic Havet 17.04 09:30 Universitet
Bodø Hostel 17.04 08:30 Universitet
Universitetet 17.04 17:30 Bodø Hostel/Scandic Havet
Scandic Havet 19.04 08:00, 08:10 Universitet
Bodø Hostel 19.04 08:00 Universitet
Universitet 19.04 17:30 Bodø Airport-Scandic Havet