Side events

In addition to the conference programme, a number of side events will take place in Bodø in conjunction with High North Dialogue.

If you are interested in organizing a side event during the High North Dialogue Week (April 16 – 20, 2018) in Bodø, please contact advicer at High North Center, Line K. Haug.
E-mail: / tel: +47 90 78 40 11.

High North Dialogue 2018: Side Events
Monday – April 16
Location: Nord University, Bodø

10:00-15:00: HIGH NORTH STUDENT FORUM – Growth in the Arctic from the perspectives of Economy and Law

Why: Designed to form the next scientists’ generation, to facilitate the students’ research, to promote dialogue, information exchange and research planning on the Arctic region development issues from different fields and disciplines.

Whom: Bachelor students from the Barents region who are interested in issues of the economic and social growth in the Arctic.
Norway: Nord University AND University of Tromsø, Narvik.
Russia: Arkhangelsk region, the Murmansk region, the Republic of Karelia and the Republic of Komi.

About the forum: The student forum aims to inspire young researchers for further activity and creating the scientific research group among young students. Students will have opportunity to present their papers, discuss the key issues of the Arctic development in the field of research from a multidisciplinary perspective and to get feedback from professors and qualified specialists of Nord University Business School and Northern Arctic Federal University. The forum motivates students keeping on their research in the international and interdisciplinary context.

Contact person: Advisor at the High North Center, Elena Zhurova.

Tuesday – April 17
Location: Nord University


The workshops connects to High North Young Entrepreneur competition

Purpose: Sharing of experiences of how to be an entrepreneur in the North in Russia and Norway and network building between the future Arctic leaders in business.

Participants: Young entrepreneurs who applied to High North Young Entrepreneur competition and representatives of innovation and start-up support infrastructure from Barents region of Russia (Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Karelia) and Northern Norway (Bodø, Tromsø).

Contactperson: Adviser Elena Zhurova at the High North Center for Business and Governance.

Moderators: Bård Borch Michalsen, Associate professor, School of Business and Economics,
The Arctic University of Norway and Vitali Akimov, Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Murmansk.


09:30-10:30: WORKSHOP

  • Success stories of young entrepreneurs from Norway and Russia.
  • Investment infrastructure in Norway and Russia.
  • High North Young Entrepreneur.

11:45-12:15: Lunch




19:00: Welcome dinner

High North Center for Business and Governance, Business School, Nord University
Northern Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Murmansk
The Northern Arctic Federal University (NArFU)
In cooperation with the Norwegian Barents Secretariat

Tuesday – 17 April
Location: Nord University Campus

10:00–15:30 HIGH NORTH´S RESEARCH WORKSHOP – Growth in the Arctic

Why: To present and discuss researchers’ work concerned with economic growth in the Arctic, with a particular emphasis on industries and regions.

Whom: Post doctor scholars and High North Dialogue PhD alumni. The workshop seeks to gather researchers who are interested in growth in the Arctic from different fields and discipline.

About the workshop: Organized by High North Center for Business and Governance and The Arctic Institute, the workshop aims at providing arena to discuss different aspects of growth in the Arctic and connecting with similar minded scholars across academic fields.
Keynote speakers: Dr. Laurence C. Smith, Professor and Chair of Geography and Professor of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences at UCLA, and Dr. Grete Hovelsrud, Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Nord University.

Contact person: Andreas Østhagen, Senior Fellow at The Arctic Institute.

Tuesday – 17 April
Location: Auditorium Chistian Fredriksen (A6), Nord university

16:00-17:15 ARCTIC HORIZON: Boosting Research and Innovation in the High North
(the bus to Bodø city center departs at 17:30. Fruits and coffee will be provided)


16:00: INOTRODUCTION: Horizon 2020 and NRC support

  • Bente Bakos, Norwegian Research Council

16:30: ARCTIC PROGRAM 1: ARCSAR – Successful H2020 Proposal

  • Bent-Ove Jamtli, JRCC Northern Norway
  • Odd Jarl Borch, Nord University

17:00: ARCTIC PROGRAM 2: Deconcrete – Pending Application

  • Anders Paulsen, NHO Nordland

17:15: BEYOND THE HORIZON: What to expect in the next Framework Programme (FP9)

  • Policy Officer from DG Research and Innovation, European Commission (to be confirmed)

Followed by a Q&A Session.


Why: Present and discuss EU funding opportunities for research and innovation in the High North. Disseminate best practices and encourage the researchers and industries in the High North to apply for EU funding. Gain valuable insights into the content and structure of the forthcoming Framework Programme 9; the successor to Horizon 2020.

Who: Researchers, scholars, students, public sector employees, entrepreneurs, SMEs, among others. The seminar seeks to gather those interested in current EU funding opportunities and future research and development opportunities.

About the seminar: Organised by North Norway European Office, in collaboration with Nord University and the High North Center. The seminar aims to provide an arena for discussing current and upcoming opportunities with regard to EU funds. The seminar will also serve as an opportunity for anyone considering making a Horizon2020 proposal to learn from experts in the field, raise questions or concerns, and network.

Contact person: Emil Bremnes, Information Officer, North Norway European Office

Thursday – April 19
 NORDLAB, Nord University, building Torggården, T123

10:00 – 12:00:  Arctic Rescue and Oil Spill Response exercise at NORDLAB-Nord University Emergency Management Laboratory

Whom: HND participants, students and others with interest in emergency preparedness and crisis management.

NORDLAB will run a joint simulation exercise together with Bodin Maritime College and Lofoten Maritime College as a part of the annual High North Dialogue conference. The exercise starts with a cruise ship grounding near Longyearbyen at Svalbard and illustrates the deployment of national and international SAR and oil spill response capacities.

The exercise is conducted by utilizing computer-based simulation technology linking operational units at three campuses. Conference participants will have the opportunity to follow the exercise, take part in discussions, and watch how the rescue and oil spill response operations are played out in our advanced simulation environment. The NORDLAB staff will play various managerial roles ranging from the on-scene incident command roles to staff levels. The exercise illustrates how simulator technology can be integrated with emergency management decision support tools as well as command, communication and control systems.

About NORDLAB: Nord University Preparedness Management Lab (NORDLAB) provides an arena for education, research, exercises and testing of management tools and collaboration processes related to sea, land and air-based emergency response. In cooperation with world-leading suppliers of emergency preparedness software, modelling & simulation systems and decision-making support solutions, Nord University has invested in computer-based simulation capacities integrated with crisis management tools, and command and control support systems.

NORDLAB provides a platform for education, research and development of innovative technologies and procedures to increase the capabilities to manage crisis response, with a special focus on the Arctic environment.

If you have any questions, please contact Emmi Ikonen, Nord University.
E-mail / phone: Tel: +47 75517572.


Thursday – April 19
Location: Nord University

14:00 – 16:00: BUSINESS INDEX NORTH MEETING – International seminar:
University-industry interlink towards value creation in the Barents Region.

About 20 participants from universities, government and business from regions in Northern Norway and North-West Russia.

Contact person: Andrei Mineev, PhD, Researcher, High North Center.