Research Workshop

Tuesday April 17
Location: Nord University

10:00 – 15:00: HIGH NORTH´S RESEARCH WORKSHOP: Growth in the Arctic

Why: To present and discuss researchers’ work concerned with economic growth in the Arctic, with a particular emphasis on industries and regions.

Whom: Post doctor scholars and High North Dialogue PhD alumni. The workshop seeks to gather researchers who are interested in growth in the Arctic from different fields and discipline.

About the workshop: We invite you to take part in our research workshop in conjunction with the annual High North Dialogue conference, Organised by High North Center for Business and Governance and The Arctic Institute, the workshop aims at providing arena to discuss different aspects of growth in the Arctic and connecting with similar minded scholars across academic fields.

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Laurence C. Smith, Professor and Chair of Geography and Professor of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences at UCLA. His research interests include the Arctic, hydrology, satellite remote sensing technologies and climate change. He has published over 80 peer-reviewed articles, essays and books including in the journals Science, Nature, and PNAS, and won more than $7M in research funding from the National Science Foundation and NASA.

Dr. Grete Hovelsrud, Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences,  Nord University.  Dr. Grete Hovelsrud is a Senior Researcher at Nordland Research Institute, Senior Researcher at Centre for International Climate Research-Oslo CICERO, and Vice-President at Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research.

 Key questions to be addressed: The key theme of this workshop is growth in the Arctic, with a particular focus on maritime industries.

  • Which factors contribute to growth in the Arctic?
  • What are the barriers to growth?
  • How is the Arctic different from other parts of the world?
  • What can be done by national and regional authorities to promote growth?
  • What potential does the maritime hold for spurring Arctic growth?

For more information, contact Andreas Østhagen, Arctic Institute.